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The Sacramento region is preparing to transition from paper tickets and passes to an electronic transit fare payment system called the Connect Card. You may have seen some of the prep work for the new equipment on light rail stations, on buses, or at transit agencies.

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Online Access

Online Access

Adding passes or cash value to your Connect Card is easy.

  • Online account management
  • Automatic reloading
  • Check your card balance & history

Added Security

Added Security

Register your card for free balance protection in case of loss or theft:

  • Immediately block card online or over the phone
  • Get a new card with remaining balance

More Ways to Pay

More Ways to Pay

Reload your card at a number of locations:

  • Online when you sign up and register your card
  • At select light rail stations (credit/debit cards only)
  • Or at retail outlets and participating transit customer service centers (cash accepted)

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One Card to Ride Them All

Use Connect Card on eight transit systems across the region.

Bus Connect Card Readers

Connect Card readers will be installed on all participating buses to collect transit fare when boarding.

Bus Connect Card Reader

Light Rail Connect Card Reader

Light Rail Connect Card Readers

Connect Card readers will be added at all Regional Transit light rail stations to collect transit fares before boarding.

Connect Card “Add-Fare” Machines

Connect Card “add-fare” machines will be installed at select Regional Transit light rail stations to provide convenient reloading of cash value, passes and discount fare, using a credit or debit card, as well as check recent transactions.

Light Rail Connect Card Reader

Stay Positive with Autoload

Autoload will be available for registered Connect Cards with a valid credit card. You choose how much to load and when to load it.

  • Passes can be loaded on your Connect Card on a date you choose
  • Cash value can be loaded to your Connect Card when your balance gets low

Light Rail Connect Card Reader

You Choose Which Fare to Buy

Not all participating transit agencies sell or accept the fare media listed below. Existing fare media will continue to be accepted for a limited time, as applicable per agency.

Light Rail Connect Card Reader

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Connect Card?

The Connect Card is the region’s new transit smart card fare payment system. It provides a convenient and secure way to pay fares. The system will use a plastic, reloadable smart card with an embedded computer chip that can store existing cash value, passes, and discount fare.

2. Why should I get a Connect Card?

The Connect Card provides you with easy online account management, added security with our free balance protection, more locations for you to pay for fares, and one card to pay for eight participating transits. It will be fast and convenient for both you and us!

3. When is the Connect Card coming?

The Connect Card does not have a set date to rollout as we are committed to ensuring the system is fully installed and tested before we launch the new transit smart card system.

4. How will I use the Connect Card?

You load your transit fare onto the Connect Card instead of purchasing paper passes or tickets, or needing to carry exact change. Simply tap your Connect Card at the light rail station or on the bus and the system will deduct the correct fare. It’s the easy way to pay.

5. Which transit agencies are moving to the Connect Card?

Participating agencies include Regional Transit, e-tran, El Dorado Transit, Folsom Stage Line, Roseville Transit, South County Transit Link, Yolobus, and Yuba-Sutter Transit. The Connect Card is valid for travel on buses and light rail trains. In the future, the Connect Card system may be implemented by additional agencies.

6. How can I get a Connect Card?

When the Connect Card goes live, you will be able to get the Connect Card online at ConnectTransitCard.com, at select retail outlets, and at participating transit agencies.

7. Do I have to pay for a Connect Card?

Getting a Connect Card during initial rollout is free. You just need to load your fare and you’re ready to ride.

8. What do I do if I get a discount/have a discount card with photo ID?

You can exchange your current transit-issued photo ID for a Connect Card with a new photo ID (printed on one side). The Connect Card with your name and photo will serve as verification to ride at the discounted rate.

9. Does everybody have to use a Connect Card?

Most customers will use the Connect Card to pay fares once the system rolls out later this year. Existing passes will only be available on the Connect Card (following a grace period), as applicable to individual agencies. Customers will always be able to pay with cash on the bus or at light rail stations.

10. Will the fare prices change if I use the Connect Card?

No, all fares will stay the same. You will not receive any discounts if you buy in bulk. For more information, please visit each transit operator’s website.

11. How do I protect my Connect Card balance?

You will be able to register your card online at ConnectTransitCard.com or by calling 511, and receive FREE balance protection to replace the value on your Connect Card in case of loss, theft, or damage. You can also set up Autoload and view card history online.

12. How do I protect my Connect Card?

Treat it as you treat your credit cards; do NOT punch a hole, cut, scratch, or bend your card. It will damage the computer chip inside and it will not work anymore.

13. What do I do if I ride two different transit systems?

The Connect Card will be available on eight transit systems in the Sacramento region. More information about riding multiple transit systems will be provided as we get closer to rollout.

14. Can I let people borrow my Connect Card?

Yes and no. You may loan your Connect Card only if you purchased a fare at full cash value. No other Connect Card is transferable, including Discount Riders and Connect Cards provided by employers or other organizations. All regulations from each individual transit operators still apply to the Connect Card.

15. Will it demagnetize my credit cards?

No, since the Connect Card functions using a computer chip, it will not demagnetize your cards.

16. Does the Connect Card expire?

No. However, if you have a special temporary discount fare, the expiration date will be printed on your card. Young children with photo IDs may also need to renew their cards for a new photo ID.